Everything you need for the perfect internet.

It's time to get a break. It's time for ALAPT.

The Internet connection we all rely on is about to change, now that ALAPT is coming to town.

Alapoint is a WAN/WISP bringing you internet from FIBER OPTIC to WIRELESS last mile.

WAN-wide area network

WISP-wireless internet service provider

Most people get Internet service from either a telephone company or a cable company because those providers already provide physical connections to their homes and businesses. A WISP (wireless Internet service provider) doesn’t need to bring wire to your location, making it a good solution for serving local areas where telcos and cable companies couldn’t be bothered to invest.  As wireless technology has evolved, WISPs are beginning to compete in urban areas on speed and price. With speeds up to 1 gbps we can customize your internet to make you internet fly at top speeds.

What makes a WISP

A WISP is distinct from other wireless services we currently use. Most cell-phone service providers offer wireless Internet service—with 4G LTE being the fastest current technology—but that doesn’t make them WISPs. Cell-phone service providers don’t expect you to use their service 24/7, and most place very low caps on the amount of data you can transfer over their networks each month (and charge hefty fees if you exceed that amount). Being able to access the Internet while you’re out and about is a distinct advantage, but LTE data rates are relatively slow, and coverage can be spotty—especially away from large metropolitan areas.


ALAPT provides large bandwidth that is bi-directional providing up to 50 times faster upload speeds for small business customers.

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